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How Does Your Garden Grow


More than a garden designer, Susan is a garden coach who collaborates with clients to bring their garden dreams to life. Walking the garden and shopping the nurseries with her clients, Susan shares her knowledge with warmth and encouragement, transforming clients into gardeners as they learn how to choose the plants that will thrive within their garden’s unique conditions, and how to nurture their garden’s beauty as it grows.  

“It's been great to move around the garden with more authority! Thank you for your time and great thoughts.”

–Linda H., Seattle


“Susan is my Fairy Garden-Mother.”

–Rafael, Seattle


With a lifelong passion for plants, a master's degree in horticulture, and nearly three decades’ experience designing and planting Pacific Northwest gardens—Susan brings the expertise. She designs like an artist, but she thinks like a botanist.  

“Yes, she knows the Latin name of virtually every plant! But Susan’s real superpower is deep knowledge of how plants will behave as they grow, which only comes from decades of experience.”

-Kathryn R., Seattle

“Thank you so much for all your help!  I can't wait to see the changes through the seasons.  I appreciate your kindness, patience, expertise and passion.”

-Stacy S., Seattle


Susan’s style is organic…

   - In practice, as she gardens sustainably without chemicals 

   - In aesthetic, as she creates landscapes with respect for plants’ natural tendencies  

   - In process, as she weaves clients’ dreams with her own expertise 

   - In flow, as she designs synergy between home and garden

“Susan worked magic within the formidable limitations of our sloping shade garden, creating a full and abundant landscape that works in harmony with nature and visually connects with our family room."

–Tom B., Seattle


“Thank you, thank you thank you!  You are my garden consultant zen master!”

–Karen R., Seattle

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